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Online Courses at the Accounting & Bookkeeping College

At the Accounting and Bookkeeping College you can choose the online distance learning bookkeeping course or accounting course that is ideal for your career. You can even take the first steps the first steps towards becoming a qualified accountant.

We have the perfect distance learning bookkeeping course, the online ABC of Bookkeeping Course by elearning, for students who need to look after the books and records of a business. You can learn online all the skills of accountancy from preparing invoices and statements to completing your VAT return.

Bookkeeping is a highly respected profession and you may wish to gain a qualification with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to prove your professional status. Our online distance learning Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Intermediate Certificate course
enables you to achieve that ambition. All the skills at Level I and Level II of the syllabus are covered thoroughly in this bookkeeping course so that you learn everything you need to know to pass the exams. You can take the course online wherever you are by elearning. It is especially easy to arrange your examinations with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. You can even sit the exam at home.

Alternatively, you could take our online distance learning bookkeeping course for the International Association of Book-keepers Certificate in Book-keeping. This qualification from the International Association of Book-keepers is designed to test the knowledge and skills of bookkeeping at Level 2 of the National Qualifications Framework so it is an ideal course for students who want to begin with a thorough understanding of bookkeeping with the option to progress to other accounting qualifications.

Anyone would be proud to become an ACCA Certified Accounting Technician. Our Certified Accounting Technician course covers Paper 1 (Recording Financial Transactions) which is the fundamental bookkeeping part of the Certified Accounting Technician qualification.