reading bookkeeping course on trainAbout the Accounting & Bookkeeping College and its courses

At the Accounting and Bookkeeping College we have years of experience in providing online accounting coutses and bookkeeping courses by distance learning.

We know, for instance, that our courses need to be as clear and easy to understand as possible so we fill them with examples that you can follow without difficulty and online exercises that enable you to demonstrate the skills that you have learned.

More recent experience has shown us that a well designed online elearning course is ideally suited to the needs of accounting and bookkeeping students who need to be able to work through questions and get immediate answers on screen. The elearning course structure also makes it easy for students to contact their tutor online with queries and to share information, ideas and opportunities with each other.

Also, but no less important than the course content, we believe that our teaching and our tutors have to be of the highest quality and to have trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Of course, although the qualification proves that your tutor is a highly skilled accountant, it is not enough on its own to show that your tutor will be able to pass those skills on. For that reason we look for someone with patience and understanding who can add their own insight into making your course succeed for you.